Entrust us with your repair needs, as we specialize in the restoration of a diverse range of items.

From motorhomes and pools to hot tubs, boats, tanks, hovercrafts, golf carts, trailers, and showers, our seasoned team has the expertise to breathe new life into various items. No repair challenge is too big for us to tackle. Our shop boasts a skilled workforce with a comprehensive understanding of fiberglass repair intricacies. Experience top-notch craftsmanship at a competitive shop rate of $145 per hour. Elevate your repair experience—reach out to us for all your fiberglass repair requirements.


We provide an array of tooling options tailored to your specific requirements, including open molding molds, RTM Lite molds, CCBM molds, multiple-piece molds, mother molds, latex molds, and silicone molds.
Whether your application demands high volume or low volume, features undercuts or flat sheets, we are dedicated to identifying the optimal mold solution for you.

Our commitment extends beyond tooling; we are here to address your manufacturing queries and provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.


Ophila is designed for those people who want a back yard escape from the ordinary. This waterfall can be used for a large waterfall into a header pond for a stream. Or perhaps you have a pool that needs a grotto style touch. If you have a Hot tub we can build you a cave, so you can sit under the large water weir making if look like you are in an exotic location.

We will build anything you want! We will bring the vacation to YOU!

Fiberglass Waterfall

These are hollow fiberglass rocks that get placed overtop of any lighting system. We use the existing light system to illuminate our Lava Rocks from the inside out. No need to purchase additional lighting systems, simply add on to your current one!

Our Corporate rock is the largest rock we currently offer at 6½’ tall x 9’ long x 2½’ wide. The rock is made completely from Fiberglass. Custom Larger rocks can be built to your needs.

The flange gets buried and anchored into the ground into a base. The rocks can have any wording and Logo you want. The rock functions as a day and nighttime sign.

The Letters on the rock are either painted on or bolted depending on your needs. The letters prevent the light from showing through at night giving you a backlit sign. Our unique formulation of fiberglass allows this to happen, while not losing any of the positive attributes associated with the fiberglass. Since these rocks do not need a permanent base to sit on they can be used as a temporary sign. We offer a 5-year warranty on this product line.

Lava Faux Rocks

Our Small, Medium and Large rocks are traditionally used around a house as address markers, while the Corporate are typically used in commercial applications.


If you seek a tailored fiberglass product, you have arrived at the ideal destination. Our establishment routinely receives inquiries from individuals seeking assistance in materializing their conceptualizations. While certain products present production challenges, others are more straightforward than anticipated. We specialize in facilitating the transition of your ideas to market fruition and prioritize confidentiality by formalizing “Non-Disclosure Agreements” to safeguard your intellectual property. We invite you to visit our facility or contact us directly to commence a discussion about your concept

Custom Made Fiberglass Baseball Bat