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Fiberglass Rocks to cover septic tank lids!

Fiberglass Rock for septic tanks

Do you have unsightly septic tank lid that you can't seem to hide? Have you recently purchased a lake lot for a cabin? Is your septic tank cover a visual eyesore?


PROGRESSIVE YARD WORKS LTD produces a faux rock cover specially designed to hide your septic tank cover. After years of customer research we have created a faux rock that will accommodate most septic tank lids. Our Faux rock septic covers are made from fiberglass. We have been manufacturing these Faux rocks in Saskatoon for 16years.


Our Septic rock cover dimensions are:

38" x 38" x 12" tall, and will cover a standard 36" Concrete lid. 

42" x 42" x 18" tall, and will  cover a taller concrete lid with a power box beside it.

18" Tall Fiberglass septic tank rock cover
18" Tall Fiberglass septic tank rock cover
Stackable Fiberglass rocks from PYW
Stackable Fiberglass rocks from PYW (18" tall per rock)
12" Tall Fiberglass septic tank rock cover
12" Tall Fiberglass septic tank rock cover
fiberglass Faux Septic rock cover
12" Tall Fiberglass septic tank rock cover with rust added


Small:                                         $45.00      (2’ x 1’ x 7”)    

Medium with address                $399.00      (3’ x 2’ x 1’)    

Septic rock cover  (12" tall)       $499.00      (38"’ x 38’ x 12")    

Septic rock cover  (18" tall)       $499.00      (42’ x 42" x 18") 

Fiberglass Rock covers. Made by Progressive Yard Works Ltd in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
We call these "Lava Rocks"

“Illuminated Lava Rocks”
These are hollow fiberglass rocks that get placed overtop of any lighting system. We use the existing light system to illuminate our Lava Rocks from the inside out.  No need to purchase additional lighting systems, simply add on to your current one!

Our Corporate rock is the largest rock we currently offer at 6½’ tall x 9’ long x 2½’ wide. The rock is made completely from Fiberglass. Custom Larger rocks can be built to your needs. 

The flange get buried and anchored into the ground into a base.  The rocks can have any wording and Logo you want. The rock functions as a day and nighttime sign.

The Letters on the rock are either painted on or bolted depending on your needs. The letters prevent the light from showing through at night giving you a backlit sign. Our unique formulation of fiberglass allows this to happen, while not losing any of the positive attributes associated with the fiberglass. Since these rocks do not need a permanent base to sit on they can be used as a temporary sign.  We offer a 5-year warranty on this product line. 

Our Small, Medium and Large rocks are traditionally used around a house as address markers, while the Corporate are typically used in commercial applications.