Progressive Yard Works Ltd.

Manufacturer of Exceptional Fiberglass Products

Custom Made Fiberglass Products

If you are looking for a custom Fiberglass product, you have come to the right place. We get calls almost every week from people looking for us to help them with an idea. Some products are hard to produce, others are easier than they thought! We can help you bring your idea to market, we have signed "Non-Disclosure agreements" to ensure the idea remains with you. Come by, or give us a call to discuss you idea!
Largest Baseball Bat in Canada, Made by Progressive Yard Works Ltd
The Certified Composites Technician course that we have adopted is recognized by the American Composites Manufacturers Association.
If you have an idea - Contact us!
By deceasing the cycle time per part, your volume increases period. Allowing you to sell more units.
We took an existing product line removed some redundancies to improve production volumes and cycle times